Student Registration

Register and Update Contact Details
(For GUSOL Students Only)

Students are required to register their contact details by clicking the correct link. The links have been sorted batch wise for example Batch 2012-2017 means that the student enrolled in the year 2012 and will graduate in 2017.

Please ensure that you submit your details in the correct batch. Henceforth all communications will be made Batch Wise, so if you will submit your details in wrong batch then you will not get notices/order relevant to your batch.

If there is any change in your contact details you can update any time by the same process (Edit Your Response).

Five Year Law Program

BA/BBA-LLB BATCH 2012-2017
BA/BBA-LLB BATCH 2013-2018
BA/BBA-LLB BATCH 2014-2019
BA/BBA-LLB BATCH 2015-2020
BA/BBA-LLB BATCH 2016-2021

Three Year Law Program

LLB BATCH 2014-2017
LLB BATCH 2015-2018
LLB BATCH 2016-2019

LLM One Year Program

LLM Batch 2016-2017