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About the CGLI

The Center for Global Law Initiatives (CGLI) at Galgotias School of Law is an independent Center that encourages advanced research and education to address global legal challenges. The CGLI aims to provide a platform at Galgotias School of Law for collaborative research and education between the legal academy and legal practice by connecting the two sectors. The Center aims to initiate a creative dialog among faculty, students, and legal experts in the world, facilitating our innovative and cooperative research.

The Center hosts lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia on various global legal concerns. The Center invites both scholars and practitioners as Faculty and Research Fellows and Visiting Scholars at Galgotias University, developing our collaborative network among those seeking innovative approaches to global legal challenges.


CGLI can function as a think tank of the school

  1. Teaching: to provide lectures, symposia, and conferences in the area of global law;
  2. Research: to provide students with valuable research opportunities and the chance to work directly with faculty members on projects at the cores of their scholarly agendas; and to commit interdisciplinary study and bridge-building between academia and the world of practice by the collaborative research project.
  3. International Tie-ups: to promote international cooporation of the school of law.


  1. Chair (Director)
    1. Dr. Jeehye You (Associate Professor of Law, Galgotias University: US lawyer
  2. Faculty Fellows: Full time Professors, Adjunct Professors, Visiting Professors, and Guest Lecturers at Galgotias School of Law
    1. Kerry McBroom (Director, Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) in India: US lawyer)
    2. Claire Furlong (Solicitor, Burnett Barker in UK; British High Commission in India: UK lawyer)
    3. Russell A. Stamets (Managing Partner, Indus Advisors in India: US lawyer)
  3. Research Fellows : Resource Pool of Legal Scholars and Experts
    1. Dr. Benjamin Herzog (German lawyer)
    2. Kate Carter (Austrailian lawyer)
    3. Russell A. Stamets (Managing Partner, Indus Advisors in India: US lawyer)
    4. Kerry McBroom (Director, Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) in India: US lawyer)
    5. Clair Furlong (Solicitor, Burnett Barker in UK; British High Commission in India: UK lawyer)
  4. Visiting Scholars
    1. Dr. Benjamin Herzog (German lawyer)
  5. Research Assistants: Selected LL.M. and Ph.D. students
  6. Administrative Staff


  1. Teaching Faculty (Faculty Fellow)
    1) Full time Professor
    2) Adjunct Professor
    3) Visiting Professor
    4) Guest Lecuter
  2. Course Subjects
    1. LLB Courses
    - Public International Law
    - International Trade Law
    - Legal Methods
    - Environmental Studies
    - Alternate Dispute Resolution
    - Private International Law
    - Human Rights Law
    - International Humanitarian & Refugee Law
    - Law, Poverty & Development
    - Women & Law
    - Moot Court
    - Research Methodology & Report Preparation
    - Entrepreneurship Development
    - Criminology
    - Legal Aid & Public Interest Lawyering

    2. LLM Courses
    - Law and Justice in Globalizing World
    - Transnational Organised Crimes
    - Comparative Criminal Procedure
    - Comparative Intellectual Property Right
    - Corporate Governance
    - International Trade Law
    - Criminal Justice & Human Rights
    - Legal Education & Research Methodology

Legal Clinic Program

The CGLI Legal Aid Clinic at the Center for Global Law Initiatives (CGLI), Galgotias University is a unique addition to conventional modes of legal education, providing a hands-on learning setting for Galgotias students and impressing upon them the law’s role in society. The clinic allows students to engage with and tackle the legal needs of all members of society near the university, under expert faculty supervision, enhanced by a series of research and lecture programmes that complement practical engagement.

  1. Objectives
    1. Training
    2. Legal advocacy
    3. A reformed education
  2. Activities
    1. Pro bono advice and representation for the community
    2. Development of student understanding and skills
    3. Collaborative research series drawing on clinic work


  • Seminar, Symposium, Workshop, Conference and ect.
  • Speakers
    a. Faculty Fellows
    b. Research Scholars
    c. Visiting Scholars
    d. Guest Speakers


  • Working Papers under Research Projects
  • Conference Volumes
  • Annual Reports
  • Galgotias Global Law Review

International (Corporate) Tie-ups

  1. NGOs
  2. Law firms and Companies
  3. Academic Institutions
  4. Governments and Other Organizations

Events in Fall 2013

  1. LL.M. Program Course
    a. Law and Justice in Globalizing World
    - Fundamental Course in One Year LL.M. Program
    - By Dr. Jeehye You
  2. Lecture Series
    a. “Human Right and Global Justice” by Kerry McBroom
    b. “Criminal Justice and Criminology modules in UK” by Claire Mcquirker
    c. “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Global Anti-Corruption” by Russell A. Stamets
    d. “Legal Aid and Right-based Initiatives” by Katherine Carter
    e. “Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law” by Jeehye You
  3. Joint Seminar on Human Right with National Law University (NLUD), Delhi and Human Right Law Network (HRLN)
  4. Seminar on Corporate Responsibility towards Society


Dr. Jeehye You
Room 411 at Block A, Galgotias University