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Centre for Corporate and Business Law (CCBL)


The Centre for Corporate Law Studies (CCBL) is an initiative of SOL aimed at shaping and coordinating researches in the business sector nationally as well as worldwide. The Centre considers giving the necessary thrust by inculcating an outlook amongst the students to question and seek answers with respect to the contemporary issues prevailing in the area/sector.

The Centre looks to have discussions and deliberations in the area of financial markets and intermediaries; the legal framework of corporate structure like, Company Law, Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Insolvency issues, Contract Management, Securities Law, Investment Sector etc. The Centre tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice by having sessions with the experts from these domains who provide the technical knowhow to the students in this regard. The students upon the expert guidance engage in debates and research whereby they take up various initiatives to present their idea by participating in conferences, writing research articles and blogging on the deliberated and discussed issues.

In addition, the Centre is in the process of publishing its annual journal Journal of Corporate and Business Law (JCBL) which shall aim to deal with contemporary issues in corporate and allied laws.


The CCBL has been instituted with the following objectives:
a. To provide advice to the Institutes on the teaching of Corporate & Business laws within the Galgotias University and develop and promote innovative curriculum, teaching methods and teaching materials in this field.
b. To organise seminars/conferences/training program/symposium/panel discussion to disseminate new ideas in the field of corporate and allied laws
c. To establish and promote links with organisations and develop a pool of researchers to research upon the issues from interdisciplinary perspective and promote further involvement in corporate law research projects.
d. To establish contacts with the stalwarts in the legal profession who are involved in the research in corporate law and securities regulation
e. Undertake and promote research on the said discipline & attract interested students for their.


The CCBL will be administered by a committee comprising of following members:

Mr. Anindhya Tiwari
Centre for Corporate and Business Law
School of Law


Mr. Victor Nayak
Co Coordinator
Centre for Corporate and Business Law
School of Law


Student Members