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Centre for Clinical Legal Initiatives (CCLI)

The Centre for Clinical Legal Initiatives (CCLI) was established in the year 2013 to impart knowledge in clinical courses. The aim of the Centre is to impart complementary teaching methodology of learning by doing through the Law School Clinic. The Centre provides Clinical Legal Education to the students through legal aid clinics, moot court competitions, client interviewing and counseling sessions by using Alternative Resolution mechanisms, legal drafting and conveyancing, court visits, etc. Clinical education improves student’s critical thinking, presentation skills to work as a team and their leadership quality.

The Centre has an advisory board with members drawn from academia, judiciary, legal profession, bar and members drawn from key senior positions in ADR mechanism. The Ph.D. and LL.M. students who have clinical experience are also registered with the Centre to facilitate clinical legal education.

The Centre will emphasize on teaching practical aspects of clinical courses to students, by engaging them with the experience and challenges faced by the common people in accessing justice, providing remedial measures to the needy and practical knowledge about various laws.


The CCLI has been instituted with the following objectives:
a. To provide legal aid by giving assistance in resolution of disputes, assistance in courts, approaching appropriate authorities for redressal of grievances etc. and monitoring the follow up actions in the matters in which legal assistance has been provided.
b. To conduct moot court training and competitions
c. To conduct client interviewing and counseling through mediation and negotiation
d. To conduct training for legal drafting and conveyancing


The CCLI will be administered by a committee comprising of following members:
a. Chair
b. Co-chair
c. Eminent Academicians
d. Faculty Coordinators
e. Legal practitioners
f. Research Fellows
g. Research Assistants

For further information, contact:
Mr. Utkarsh Yadav
Chair (Legal Aid Clinic)
Centre for Clinical Legal Initiatives
School of Law


Dr. Kiran Rai
Chair (Moot Court Society)
Centre for Clinical Legal Initiatives
School of Law


Mr. Pranav Raina
Co-Chair (Legal Aid Clinic)
Centre for Clinical Legal Initiatives
School of Law