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Centre for Constitutional Law and Governance with Justice


The Centre for Constitutional Law and Governance, with Justice (CCLGJ) is a centre for comprehensive research on the matters related to constitutional law of India, covering legislative as well as executive aspect. As governance is nothing but an applied aspect of the constitution and legal system of the country, the focus of centre will remain on current and burning issues of governance in India. However the Centre aspires to analyze whether executive response to governance related problems is constitutionally valid and whether it has a component of justice in it? The Centre will encourage and facilitate faculty members of Galgotias University as well as members of legal academia outside Galgotias to initiate the research on the said topics. CCLGJ will also initiate some internal continuous research projects and it will also undertake research projects to be supported by external academic funding bodies.

The Centre has an advisory board with members drawn from academia, bench, bar and members drawn from the civil society. CCLGJ acknowledges that governance and other applied aspects of constitutional law cannot be discussed in the absence of those who have a responsibility to implement laws and to generate an environment of workable democracy. Hence CCLGJ will look forward to invite bureaucrats and other representatives of government in every event discussing some current constitutional and governance related issues.

The center will register Ph.D. and LL.M. students specializing in Constitutional Law as regular members and will facilitate them in undertaking research on the related issues.

The Centre's research will emphasize on the challenges being faced by the policy makers, executive, constitutional law practitioners, and the society and the output will primarily be in the form of academic and scholarly publications.


The CCLGJ has been instituted with the following objectives:
a. Inculcating a research culture on issues affecting Constitutional Law and Governance.
b. Keeping continuous focus on Justice in the pursuit of Governance.
c. Undertaking interdisciplinary research in Constitutional Law and Governance.
d. Establishing a pool of resource persons to provide expertise in this field.


The CCLGJ will be administered by a committee comprising of following members:
a. Ex- Officio Chair
    Dean School of Law and Legal Studies, Galgotias University.
b. Coordinator
    Mr. Vishal Sharma (Assistant Professor)
c. Faculty Fellows
    Ms. Priyanka Dhar (Assistant Professor)
d. Research Fellows
e. Research Assistants

For further information, contact:
Mr. Vishal Sharma
Ms. Priyanka Dhar

Room No. 404, Block A, Galgotias University.